Vet-Wave by Neuranix

Vet-wave® helps to identify ear pathologies, not easily detected with an otoscope, for further clinical evaluation and treatment planning.

Vet-wave®, specifically designed for companion animals (dogs, cats to follow), is the only device that provides functional evaluation of the tympanic membrane and middle ear, all done through its unique and patented Wideband Acoustic Immittance Technology.
Serial measurements of both ears can be recorded and entered into the patient’s clinical history; allows for serial assessment of treatment and for monitoring the progression of the key parameters over the pet’s lifetime.

Vet-wave® has an easy and intuitive user interface; it allows quick and easy examination of the tympanic membrane and middle ear, thanks to objective data measurement and its results display.

For a complete clinical picture of the external ear canal, Vet-Wave® is supported by an integrated digital otoscope.
Offer and promote to your clients a new and easy “ready to go” ear examination to grow your business, support specialisation and help differentiate your clinic’s patient care.