MyVet Ray W Wall Mount Dental X-Ray

Acquire clear images with a 0.4 mm focal spot

Regardless of which intraoral sensor you use, the MyVet Ray W minimizes blur and provides additional diagnostic value with a 0.4mm focal spot.

Smart angulations exposure compensation

Acquiring certain areas of the mouth are difficult to image, such as the rostral and caudal maxilla or the rostral mandible, due to one structure superimposed over an area of interest or difficult sensor placement. When parallel imaging techniques cannot be used, the tube head must be angled appropriately to capture these images. X-ray operators often do not change exposure settings and image quality will vary as a result of this angulation. The MyVet Ray W can optimize an image exposure setting based on the angle of the tube head.

Smart dial for all functions

The operating panel located on the tube head creates a simpler and faster workflow. The Smart Dial has all the setting in one dial, streamlining the workflow and decreasing preparation time. There is no need to remember complicated control panel buttons and configurations.