Apollo EZ

Apollo EZ represents the “Easy” approach for a radiographic/fluoroscopic room. This approach stems from the work of thousands of remote-controlled tables manufactured and distributed worldwide by Villa Sistemi Medicali, which grant a compact and cost-effective solution in the needs of radio-fluoroscopic imaging.

​Apollo EZ features a series of peculiarities developed to maximize the efficiency of your radiographic room. The Apollo EZ comes with a complete range of versions that are configured to satisfy the needs of any user. A broad series of radiographic studies are granted with superior flexibility, and a comprehensive choice of fluoroscopic applications are obtainable with effortless procedures.

Even in its entry-level configuration with an analogical TV chain, Apollo EZ offers all the key benefits typical of a modern and sophisticated unit. A wide range of tubes and generators allows complete customization of the unit, while its high performing mechanical structure makes possible a comprehensive variety of radiographic studies as well as fluoroscopic procedures. If looking to dramatically improve the resolution of fluoroscopic dynamic studies, high resolution 1k x 1k TV chains are also available.

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