MyVet EzRay Mobile Intraoral X-Ray Cart

MyVet EzRay Vet Mobile Intraoral X-Ray Cart (not available in all provinces)

EzRay vet™ cart, the mobile dental x-ray cart system expedites your veterinary dental treatment procedure and provides trouble-free workflow by minimizing anesthesia risks or restraint injuries.

Clinical benefit

Lower dose due to CNT(Carbon nanotubes) x-ray technology. Maximum exposure time reduced by 75% to animal and user while maintaining optimal image quality.

Smart angulation exposure setting control maintains consistent image density whenever tube head is angled by automatically adjusting exposure setting.

Image quality maximized with narrow, focused beams directed at a 0.4mm focal spot.

Workflow advantage

Compact, lightweight, one-hand control tube head and Non-drift head.

Preset technique per animal size – Simple dialing and shoot.

Like turning on a light bulb, No warm-up time required. No waiting time for next shoot.

Animal comfort

Easy to position tube head with one-hand control results in reduced time under anesthesia or in restraints during an NAD dental procedure.

Lower exposure levels required for animal during an dental imaging procedure.