Universal Chiropractic X-Ray System

Universal uniquely combines economy and flexibility in a system designed to meet specialized and individual professional radiographic needs. This system is thoroughly at home in private, group, or clinical applications. It provides full radiographic capabilities, from skull to weight bearing studies.

Perfect for Any Room Both the wall stand and door-wall/door-ceiling tube stand feature extensive vertical travel, allowing for a full range of upright positions. The tube stand features electro-magnetic locks and an angulating tube arm for easy and accurate positioning. The 140 kHu 1.0 mm x 2.0 mm focal spot tube ensures high resolution images. The standard 72” (183 cm) tracks allow for 40” (100 cm) and 72” (183 cm) detector distances. Affordable Efficiency, DR Ready The Universal Chiropractic System is an affordable, cost effective flat-panel digital X-ray system that will instantly improve the efficiency of your practice. Digital radiography provides a clean and streamlined imaging process by eliminating the need for cassettes, film, chemistry, automatic film processor, darkroom, film storage, and monthly maintenance. The Universal Chiropractic System is customizable with a variety of high frequency generator options. Complete generator integration is possible with all of our DR series generators.

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