Rayence 1417 WCC/WGC Wireless Flat Panel Detector

Rugged Portability in an ideal detector unit

The 1417 WCC/WGC is the ideal flat panel detector for both fixed and portable applications. This 14×17 inch WCC DR panel is easy to install, and comes with an access point (AP) that allows you to send images directly to a Wi-Fi enabled computer within seconds and if needed, the unit comes with internal storage to let you save images for later review. It also features top of the line, Cesium-Iodide Technology, which provides a better image quality and a lower patient dose than that of GOS technology. The 1417 WCC detector panel sports a durable carbon fiber, seamless body construct combined with shock and scratch resistant composition that is waterproof, making it the ideal equipment for the most rugged environments.

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