Butterfly iQ+ Vet

Brand New Product To The Canadian Market!

Increased max depth.
Increased maximum scanning depth across presets, including 30cm on ‘deep’ presets.

Improved shallow and mid-depth resolution.
Get a clearer picture for more easily interpretable scans.

Wider field of view.
A broad field of view enables visualization of full organs on one plane.

Do more with less.
Maneuver around smaller animals and areas with a 15% smaller probe head and 10% shorter probe.


Sharper imaging.

Faster answers.

Never miss a diagnostic opportunity with imaging enhancements across all 12 presets.

Abdominal small-animal.
Optimized abdominal image quality for confident kidney-length measurement.

Bladder assessment and treatment.
Measure bladder wall thickness and identify urinary stones and masses with the optimized bladder preset.

MSK equine.
Rule out cortical deviations with sharper bone-surface imaging.