MyVet CT D


• Acquire High Quality CT Images in Specific Area

• Streamlining Diagnostics at the Point of Care

• High-Quality Precise Imaging at a Lower Cost

Powerful 3D Visualization and Tools

The software offers advanced features that allow for precise localization of specific parts within the 3D volume image, facilitating exploration of the area using slice images through the utilization of the 3D explore tool. It also offers distortion-free Multiplanar Reconstruction (MPR), ensuring accurate and precise visualization of anatomical structures in alternative planes.

Easy, Quick and Accurate Patient Positioning

MyVet CT D features a space-efficient and integrated design with a touch screen monitor, fast scanning capabilities, and mobility for convenient scanning near treatment or surgical sites. It also includes a table bed, laser beam guide for positioning, and an optional extension table for patient comfort and precise imaging. Streamlining the diagnostic process allows for immediate and efficient imaging at the point of care.

Advanced Diagnostics with Energy Efficiency and Reduced Expenses

MyVet CTD offers a cost-effective solution compared to other CT systems, while still providing advanced diagnostic outcomes for site-specific examinations. In addition to its affordability, this system presents advantages such as lower operational costs, reduced maintenance requirements, and energy efficiency, delivering significant benefits to veterinary practices.

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