Bionet BM5 Vet ELITE Veterinary Monitor

Advanced cardiac analysis — recognizes and alarms for 3 most common lethal arrhythmias.

Versatile and lightweight — weights only 6.6 pounds. Ideal for dental and wet stations.

Built-in thermal printer comes standard on every monitor.

Accurate and reliable SunTech non-invasive blood pressure technology.

Saves precious clinic space — easily mounts to a rolling cart or wall mount.

FREE BT-Link PRO software — record and convert vital sign data into a digital report which can be imported into most Practice Management/EHR programs.

FREE BT-Link Mobile — allows you to walk away from the surgery suite and monitor patients’ vital signs and alarms

All PRO Series Bionet Monitors are now

  • WiFi capable
  • Dual Gas compatible
  • All are now touchscreen
  • USB drive for data transfer
  • Bed 2 Bed Interconnection – The user can see other Bionet monitor parameters from any monitors. Example: If a clinic has 3 different BM PRO series monitors, they can see all three monitor parameters from one screen.